Discounts & Scholarships

NewCAJE knows that not all educators or their communities have sufficient funds to cover the conference expenses, so we offer discounts and scholarship opportunities. Please read the guidelines below carefully.

If your institution is planning on contributing to your conference fees, please note:

In order to match a generous grant of $25,000 from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, we need to raise $50,000. When you register for the conference, there is a spot to indicate if your institution is contributing to your conference fees. Please do so, and know that every dollar your institution gives will be matched by the Grinspoon Foundation for our scholarship fund.



We are featuring several discounts to attend NewCAJE9. See the Pricing page for complete pricing details.

YP & LEEP fellowship – If you are an educator between the ages of 22 and 36 (YP) or are in the first five years of your career (LEEP), consider these options.

Retired Educators –  If you have retired from your career in Jewish Education but would still like to network with your peers and mentor the next generation of educators, you may apply for this discount. It is important us to honor those who have committed their life’s work to Jewish Education. Select “Retired Educators Discount” on your registration form.

Team Member Discount – In order to make it possible for more than one person from a school or organization to attend the conference, we offer discounted rates for subsequent participants from the same institution. If you are bringing more than one participant to the conference and would like to apply for a team member discount, please click here.

NewCAJE Scholarships

If you need funding to be able to attend the NewCAJE conference, please fill out the scholarship form by pressing the button at the bottom of this page. We will not ask you to reveal family income on our scholarship form out of respect for your privacy. Our scholarship fund is meant to help those who do not have the resources from their total family income, their school contributions, etc. to enable them to attend. We trust that you will make your scholarship application based on these criteria.

Filling out the scholarship form will let us now your interest in attending. We will work with you to make your attendance possible.

Grinspoon Professional Development Grant (for Western Massachusetts & Southern Vermont)

The educators who work for a local Jewish organization in specific counties of Western Massachusetts or Southern Vermont can apply for a Grinspoon professional Development Grant. Click here to see if you qualify. The deadline for this application is June 29th (preferably earlier).

NOTE: Before you can apply for this grant, you need to register and pay for the conference. You are also required to have the approval of their head of school, and the amount of funding available varies by institution.

A Guide to Raising Local Money

 If you need funding to be able to attend the NewCAJE conference, here is the procedure to follow.

  • Ask your synagogue board to include professional development in its yearly budget
  • If it is not included, ask for a stipend to attend the conference for this year
  • Ask the Rabbi(s) you work for to provide additional funding from their discretionary funds
  • Ask the Rabbi(s) from your home congregation to provide additional funding from their discretionary funds
  • Ask your local Federation and/or Bureau for funding