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Teaching at NewCAJE

Thank you for your interest in teaching at NewCAJE9! Your sessions are the backbone of the conference and we sincerely appreciate your willingness to present.

As you will see on the form, sessions are either 90 minutes or 3 hours. Please note, we have a limited number of slots for the 3-hour sessions. Please think wisely about what you have to offer and how much time you need to teach it effectively. Take a look at the other tabs on this page for topics of interest, how to submit your proposal, FAQs, and more!

General Topics for Proposals

Most presenters will find that only one of their general topic sessions will be accepted. We ask you to list your best session under Workshop 1. We are looking for 100 sessions of general interest on all topics of Jewish education, and we would love to hear about innovative work you are doing in the field of Jewish education! Some suggested topics include…

  • Age-Based Learning
  • Best Practices
  • Biblical Learning
  • Creative & Cultural Arts
  • Curricular Method
  • Hanukah (Our Highlighted Topic This Summer!)
  • Hebrew
  • History
  • Holidays & Life Cycle Events
  • Holocaust
  • Israel
  • Jewish Values
  • Spirituality
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Theology
  • Torah Lishma
  • Tzedakah & Social Action

If you’d like to teach a second workshop, consider teaching the topics we are looking for in our certificate programs:


Early Childhood Education

New Teachers


For questions or clarification on teaching at NewCAJE,  please email

Propose Sessions in Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are tracks or majors, and if you choose a certificate program you will concentrate on one subject during the conference. People hoping to complete certificate programs will take 8-10 classes (depending on the certificate), in that topic and attend a community of practice luncheon. The certificates can be personalized by consulting with the Program Chair. If you are participating in a certificate program, you must notify the program chairs prior to the conference. Any requests to personalize it should also be directed to the chairs as well.

Teaching Hanukah Topics

If you’d like to teach a second workshop, consider offering one about Hanukah. This year, NewCAJE will devote one complete time-slot of the conference to the study of Hanukah. We invite proposals on the many ways to meaningfully teach about this holiday to audiences of all ages.

Those who are approved to teach Hanukah sessions will submit a detailed write-up of their workshop prior to the conference to be featured in an issue of our Jewish Educator Journal! These write-ups are meant to be used as a global tool for other educators to teach in their classrooms and share the knowledge gained at NewCAJE.

Writing a Proposal

1. Title
Titles should be catchy and accurate. Your title is an advertisement that will attract your audience to your session.

2. Description
Your description should be about five sentences long (100 words is ideal, 150 is the max).

  • Begin with a summary of what you are going to teach
  • Describe who the workshop is geared toward
  • Describe what you will teach in some detail
  • Describe what people will learn from taking your course

3. Choose the Appropriate Time Frame
The 90 minute sessions are usually used to present a program you have implemented OR a text you want to teach.
The three hour sessions are best when you want to involve the group in a discussion OR teach them a skill or technique.

The above are just examples, but mostly you should think about your material and how long it will take you to teach it without being rushed.

4. Sample Workshop Proposals
Here are three invented examples (you can also see previous program books by clicking here for real examples):

How Does My School Measure Up? Looking at Self-Evaluation and Accreditation

This session is intended for administrators who have been at their schools at least three years, and are interested in engaging in a systematic self-evaluation process using materials developed by national Jewish educational organizations. Sample questions will be shared and your questions will be answered about the how, why and when of these accreditation programs.

History on the Plate: Our Story in the Pot

Jewish food tells many stories. What we eat is a memory, home family, celebration, survival, history, culture, genealogy and Torah. In this session we will consider two texts, stories and lore behind the Jewish foods we love. We will talk about ways to make Jewish cooking classes and hagim meaningful, education and delicious. You will go home with recipes, lesson plans, and strategies to help you students learn food.

From Soup to Nuts: A Workshop for the Novice Educator

The world of Jewish education is vast and navigating through it can be challenging. We are a diversified team of Jewish educators from Florida who will conduct a comprehensive session that with touch on a variety of subject areas. Learn about where to go for assistance, how to obtain new ideas, and who are you best advocates. You will receive a packed to goodies including sample contracts, behavior and classroom management ideas, websites, sample letters, forms, and other helpful materials.

Submitting a Proposal

The deadline to submit proposals is April 13, 2018. Do not wait until the last minute to submit your session(s). The Program Committee will review proposals and if they have questions about your session, they will contact you. The earlier you submit your proposal, the more likely it has of being accepted.  Acceptance letters will be sent out on May 15, 2018.

Please register for the conference prior to submitting your session. Preference will be given to those attending the full conference.


Do I have to be registered for the conference in order to submit a workshop proposal?

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