Young Professionals

You love Jewish education, and you’re passionate about what you do, always dreaming up ideas about your community as well the big picture. At the same time, budgets are shrinking, guidance is lacking, and the educators your age are doing more jobs concurrently than any generation before, often for less pay and fewer benefits. What do you do? Come to NewCAJE!

Come to NewCAJE to:

  • Take real steps to actualize your dreams for Jewish education
  • Meet with your peers face to face to exchange knowledge and experience
  • Build a network of lifelong friends and colleagues that will support you throughout your career
  • Bring your own education to a higher level
  • Foster mentoring relationships with scholars and thinkers at the top of your field
  • Have a platform to advocate for optimal working conditions and benefits for yourself and your peers.

The Young Professionals Program provides social networking throughout the conference for educators 22-36.

Explore the tabs above for the benefits and requirements.

The NewCAJE Young Professionals (YP) Program seeks to connect young educators to each other and help them succeed in the conference, and in their careers. Through workshops, community building, and social programs, YP gives young educators the tools they need to get the most out of NewCAJE, grow as professionals, and meet incredible friends and colleagues.

Educators who have graduated college, are between the ages of 20-36, and have attending fewer than three NewCAJE conferences, are eligible to register as a Young Professional. Participants of the Young Professionals Program receive a discounted registration rate!

Benefits to You

You receive:

  • Discounted registration, including housing and food.
  • A chance to apply for additional scholarship money to put towards your conference or travel expenses.
  • Personal mentorship from experts in your field.
  • Networking opportunities and social events with your peers and colleagues.
  • Admission to the closed Facebook group, a peer-to-peer sharing safe space.

YP Requirements

You Must:

  1. Be 20-36 years of age
  2. Have previously attended fewer than three NewCAJE conferences.

You Will:

  1. Attend a Pre-Conference Webinar.
  2. Attend the conference. You must stay on campus and attend the conference in full.
  3. Secure funding. We will advise you on how to ask your employer and your community for support but we do expect you and your employer(s) to contribute to registration costs.
  4. Actively participate in the YP sessions during the conference (including workshops, meals, and other special programs).
  5. Volunteer at the Conference.


To register, click the button below!

To receive your YP discount, select “Young Professional” under the “General Information” section.



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