Intensive Seminars

What are intensives?

Intensives are a chance to study one subject for 5 hours with a great teacher/expert or team. Generally the scholars/experts who give intensives also teach sessions during the regular conference as well. Intensives are open both to those attending the conference and those who can only attend on the day of their intensive.

Remember to include your intensive plans when considering airline reservations.

2017 Offerings

Teacher’s Toolkit: Putting it All Together
This intensive covers the basics – building community with ice-breakers, classroom management, creative assessments, lesson planning, and more with imaginative and innovative approaches. In this hands-on, experiential workshop, we will cover the general concepts and also address specific issues or challenges you may be having in your classroom. Great for new teachers looking for practical tools as well as veteran educators who want some fresh inspirational ideas.

Batsheva Frankel is a winner of “The Next Big Jewish Idea” and author of the upcoming book “The Jewish Educator’s Companion: Practical Tools and Inspirational Ideas.”

Technology in Plain English: From A – Z.
What do you need in order to effectively use technology in your classroom? Join CIJE Technology Specialist Yossie Frankel, as he gives an intensive rundown on what you need to know to successfully use Ed-Tech in your classroom. The day’s topics include Proper Systems Infrastructure (WiFi/Internet/Network), Devices to Use (Chromebook/PC/Tablet), Classroom Teaching Strategies (STEM/STEAM, Blended Learning, etc.), Apps and Programs (Jewish content apps, Learning Management Systems, Digital Portfolios, etc.) and even how to use Virtual/Augmented Reality – all in plain, easy to understand English! At the end of this intensive session, you will have practical ideas and techniques that you can immediately use in your classroom or throughout your school. Since this is a practical session, you will need to bring your PC/Mac, iPad/Tablet, Chromebook or Smartphone. Appropriate for Congregational Programs, Day Schools, Administrators and folks who just want to know. Applicable for both General and Judaic Studies!

Yossie Frankel is a technology specialist for the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE) and a consultant for day schools around the Los Angeles Area.

Re-envisioning Bar and Bat Mitzvah through a Spiritual Lens: New Principles, Methods, & Materials
21st Century B’nei Mitzvah preparation, ritual and celebrations are gradually evolving to meet the yearning of students and families for this to be a holistic season of life and learning—where physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development, through a Jewish lens, matters deeply. Effectively guiding a youth across the threshold from childhood into young adulthood requires a program of far more conscious design than what we’ve inherited. Rabbi Dr. Goldie Milgram, MSW has been studying, teaching and consulting on B’nei Mitzvah worldwide for over two decades, helping educators, families and students to recalibrate the process in healthy, holy, satisfying ways that are grounded in text and tradition while nurturing the Jewish spiritual development of the student and family. This intensive is designed to provide the principles, methods and resources you need to inspire and guide the souls of a new generation of B-mitzvah students and families at this vital time.

Goldie Milgram is the founder and director of and Program Dean of Jewish Spiritual Education for the Maggid-Educator Training Program.

If Everyone Knows What It Means to Be Good, Why Is It So Hard to Be Good?
Mussar is a Jewish spiritual practice started in the 19th century by Rabbi Israel Salanter in his Lithuanian Yeshiva and it is currently experiencing a revival in contemporary Jewish learning. Mussar raises awareness of internal, historical, familial, and collective forces beyond our conscious knowledge which affect whether we act with gratitude and compassionate concern and in accordance with our values. You will be introduced to middot (moral virtues or character traits), historic Mussar texts, engage with a chevruta (study partner), and experience a Mussar vaad. After participating in this intensive, you will be able to bring this practice into your everyday personal and professional life.

Mindy Shapiro is the founding director of Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing! Mindy has been studying Mussar since 2003 and teaching since 2009.