Come early to join in our community Shabbat. It is an amazing opportunity to experience study and worship in a way that enriches your Jewish spiritual life.

Shabbat at NewCAJE is unique in North American Jewish life. The essential element is the provision for alternative forms of observance. We will celebrate pluralism and explore the profound issues of tolerance and respect for those who select differing observances from our own. There will be multiple minyanim (services): a service with a mechitza, egalitarian service with instruments, and egalitarian service without instruments, as well as service alternatives (examples: Yoga, Nature Walk, Meditation). The whole community will come together for Shabbat meals and Havdalah. There will be opportunities to study with our Shabbat Scholars and to experience a Seudah Shlisheet—the third meal of Shabbat. You are welcome to experiment with other forms of worship within Judaism or find your place in more familiar territory but with a prayer leader who is new to you or experimenting with different forms of worship. Shabbat is a way to get to know a smaller group of people before the conference begins, to adjust to the time difference, and to be at the conference in time for the Sunday intensives.

Come to NewCAJE Shabbat and have a truly memorable experience.