Volunteerism is the lifeblood of NewCAJE. Our working together makes the field of Jewish education stronger. Working on a conference gives you an opportunity to contribute to the field. It gives you professional experience and networking opportunities you might not otherwise have. Consider spending a small amount of your time to advance Jewish education and your career.

Volunteer Opportunities Tell us how many hours you can volunteer and what you’d like to do and we can help you find a meaningful and helpful volunteer role with NewCAJE. Some jobs take as little as 1 hour and some jobs take much longer. Please see the list of teams and tasks in the next column and see what you’d like to volunteer for.

Please indicate on your registration form what you are interested in doing or email leora@newcaje.org.

Volunteer During the Conference

  • Read Torah, Haftorah, or give a D’var Torah for Shabbat
  • Work at registration
  • Give tips at the First Timer Orientation
  • Work the box office for evening concerts
  • Distribute snacks 1-2 times during the conference
  • Drive a Golf Cart
  • Help out in the NewCAJE office
  • Post Social media from the conference
  • Welcome and introduce people at meals
  • Lead a weekday minyan
  • Give a session for children at the conference
  • Take photographs
  • Write a hometown press release

Volunteer For NewCAJE Beyond the Conference Programs

  • Become a NewCAJE Board or Board Committee Member
    • Join the Advocacy board
    • Join the Editorial board of the Jewish Educator, NewCAJE’s online journal
  • Be a thought leader on a NewCAJE Facebook Group
  • Write an article for a NewCAJE newsletter

Volunteer Before the Conference

Local Team

  • Promote the conference and evening programs (in the local area)
  • Borrow Torah Scrolls and Prayerbooks for services
  • Write the history of the Jews of the Bay Area for the program book
  • Suggest opportunities for sightseeing around the Bay Area
  • Be part of the set-up team
  • Shop for supplies

Meals Team:

  • Handle Kashrut questions and liaise to the Mashgiach
  • Be the allergy/special diets liaison to the caterer

Arts Team:

  • Create a design that will be featured on the program book cover, t-shirt, and bag
  • Provide logistical support for the Evening Program Chairs
  • Design graphics for online and print advertisements
  • Design crafts for Shabbat

Program Book

  • Write and solicit Azkarot (Remembrances) for educators who have passed away
  • Collect and edit presenter biographies

Publicity and Marketing Team:

  • Recruit participants in communities in these regions of North America: West, Northeast, South, Midwest, and Canada
  • Recruit participants in other countries
  • Contact potential exhibitors
  • Contact advertisers for the program book
  • Solicit sponsorship of canvas bags from advertisers
  • Social media outreach and publicity—Facebook, Twitter, JedLAB, etc
  • Print media – research the best publications for print ads

Programming Team

  • Work one-on-one with presenters
  • Work one-on-one with new presenters, mentoring them on session best practices
  • Coordinate Intensives
  • Decide on a Tzedakah project for the conference
  • Join a programming committee:
    • Evening Program
    • Shabbat Program
    • Plenarie Sessions

Participant Care

  • Be the point person for accessibility and special needs
  • Coordinate transportation to and from the airport and train station

Young Professionals

  • Chair YP programming
  • Be on a planning team for the Post Conference sessions
  • Recruit participants


  • Help with a crowd funding campaign
  • Facilitate donations to the scholarship Fund

Site Search Committee

  • Call universities and colleges in your area to identify potential sites

Childcare Team

  • Research options for childcare near the conference