Having Difficult Conversations about Immigration

A message from Facing History and Ourselves:

“We find ourselves at yet another challenging moment in our nation’s history, one that is difficult for us on both a personal and professional level. As we think about ways to address our student’s questions and concerns with empathy, thoughtfulness and rigor, I want to share a few resources that will hopefully aid in your upcoming conversations. They run the gamut from traditional text, to Facing History resources and teaching strategies to blogs, articles and readings I have found to be powerful entry points into difficult conversations. The resources are both for your own edification, and some for the classroom that can be adapted to be used no matter the age of your students. It’s my hope they will complement the great work you’re already doing. As always, know that Facing History is here to support you as you explore issues of both the past, and the present, and I look forward to learning with, and from, you in the weeks and months to come.”

— Emily Weisberg, Program Associate, Jewish Education FHAO

Fostering Civil Discourse

FHAO Immigration Resources

What They Did Yesterday Afternoon

Three Parables for Integration

The New Colossus

Kindness – A Poem Naomi Shihab Nye

Home – A poem by Warsan Shire

Strategies and Resources for our Younger Students

New resources and webinars will be posted on Facing History’s website, so check them out here.

The Jewish Educational Directors’ Council of Indianapolis put together a lesson for their students as part of a Holocaust Education day. It was a successful activity the bridged the story of Jewish refugees from the 1930’s and 1940’s with modern understanding of refugees and our responsibility.

Refugee Court Simulation Activity