NewCAJE Arts Nework

NewCAJE Arts Nework

Empowering Jewish Educators Through Networking

We, as Jewish artists, know the inherent, essential value of the arts that illuminate the intrinsic bond we have with one another, with Torah and with God. After all, God spoke, sang, painted and danced the world into being and we all share this divine spark of creation. Therefore, Aleinu (it’s on us) to create together and to raise each other up.

Our symbol is a seven-branched menorah. Each of our arts is one branch of the menorah, spreading their light. The central branch (shamash) is the body (guf), heart (lev), mind (chochmah) and soul (neshamah). They are our path, interweaving the light of Torah (or ha Torah), and the love of learning. 

Our Multi-Arts Network will enhance Jewish teaching and learning through collaborative projects and works. B’yachad (togetherness that  transforms us), we create and present engaging, interactive multi-arts workshops, programs, events and performances. 

Bring us into your classrooms, synagogues and organizations, to illuminate the shefa, the abundance of light and love of Judaism that is all around and within us.

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